Exposed Aggregate Concrete – For A Stylish Driveway

concrete drive way

Are you looking for an affordable and appealing way to redo your driveway? If you wish to add that element of drama to your driveway, then exposed aggregate concrete is your answer. This is a very stylish and decorative form of concrete that can impart a classy, modern look to your home for years to come. Apart from the visual appeal, it also offers several other advantages that can be clearly understood when you use exposed aggregate Walker Civil concrete Perth for your driveway.

So, what exactly are these exposed aggregate concrete? And, what are the advantages of using it in your driveway? Let us try to get a more detailed answer to these question with some help from

Exposed aggregate is the technique of stripping away the topmost layer of the cement skin to reveal the exquisite designs and patterns of natural stones and granite that have been embedded into the concrete mix before it was poured. These patterns can include quartz and even mosaics of sparkling glass crystals – apart from granite and stones – adding textural beauty and grandeur to your driveway. This technique has been around for over a 100 years and is still popular because of the stunning visual effects it imparts.

An exposed aggregate driveway is a very versatile and unique home style statement to make. You can choose a single shade exposed aggregate for your entire driveway or you can mix and match different colors and materials to create a driveway which is uniquely and beautifully yours. There is practically an unlimited array of natural textures and colors that you can choose from to customize your driveway so that it complements the architectural design elements of your home. If you have plans to sell your home, adding an exposed aggregate concrete driveway can substantially increase the sale price that your house can command. Alternatively, if you are only looking at it as an affordable home improvement project, then it again makes sense as it helps in beautifying your home in a very cost-effective way.

Low maintenance required by an exposed aggregate driveway adds to its appeal. Once it is installed, you can almost forget about it. Periodic resealing and an occasional cleaning with a broom is all that is required for its upkeep. The problems of weed growth, ants and moss do not affect this type of driveways. It can be easily installed with very few tools and installation materials. Experienced finishers can easily master this technique without much hassle. This cost-effective technique also offers a superior grip because of its inherent granular nature, making it an ideal choice for areas that are more likely to be wet – like your poolside.

Another irresistible feature is its durability. Like concrete, this is also long-lasting and extremely tough. It works well in all weather conditions and handles heavy traffic effectively too. The problems of rotting, termites and warping – common to timber – do not affect an exposed aggregate driveway.

This simple technique can add charm and beauty to your driveway – all within your budget!