How To Flirt With The Eyes?

Man and woman smiling at each other
There are many men and women out there who have been trying to impress people who they have a crush. For many people this expression and conveyance of the feeling of love are tougher than most people can imagine. There is little doubt about the fact that eye contact for the right amount of time and the correct body language are two of the most crucial aspects of flirting with any guy. If a girl or a guy knows how to flirt with the eyes, then his or her overall task would become a lot easier. There are plenty of relevant articles and posts in this regard on sites like You may make use of the knowledge that you gain from those.

The duration of the eye contact is among the things that can convey a number of things to the guy you make eye contact with. Staring for too long may make you come across as somebody desperate. Please do not do this. The obvious thing is that it will be a huge turn off for any guy. The thing is that, guys do not want the entire process to be easy. If a girl comes to them very easily, then they do not value her. On the other hand,, if the duration of the eye contact is too little, then the guy may not even understand or get a glimpse of your feelings.

Apart from the duration of the eye contact, the facial expression when you are looking in his direction or at him will matter a lot. Please try and be as pleasant in your expressions as you can. All guys want a girl who makes them happy. This gives them a reason to make sure that the girl is also happy. It is a very simple and basic equation but most of the times our emotion get the better of us and we complicate this simple situation. The thing is that if your feelings for a guy are genuine, then you deserve that guy no matter what.

If you do not complicate the process and play your cards right then he would be yours for sure. The other aspect of flirting with the eyes is something that is very hard to control. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that it is impossible. If your feelings are truly genuine and strong, then at times they reflect in your eyes and even the most unemotional guys will be able to see and feel it. Eyes speak a lot without making a sound. So, you will need to have faith.

Even after the start of your courtship with your guy the significance of speaking with your eyes remains crucial. During courtship you should try and know your guy in a better manner. There is no man on the entire planet who doesn’t worship the woman who is able to understand his most profound desires and emotions. Please try and be that woman. If you become that woman then there is no stone on the planet that your man will leave unturned to make you happy.

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